Eraserheads (sometimes stylized as ERASƎRHEADS) is a Filipino rock band formed in 1989. Consisting of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala, and Raimund Marasigan, the band became one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Philippine music, leaving a legacy that resulted to them being the most commercially successful Filipino music artists of all time. Often dubbed as “The Beatles of the Philippines”, they are credited for spearheading a second wave of Manila band invasions, paving the way for a host of Philippine alternative rock bands.The band released several singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one and achieved commercial success with their third album Cutterpillow, which achieved platinum status several times. They received the Viewer’s Choice Award for Asia from the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.




1. 1995
4. Alapaap
5. Alkohol
9. Back2me
12. Bato
14. Buloy
21. Downtown
24. Fill Her
25. Fine Time
26. Flat Tire
27. Fruitcake
30. Ha Ha Ha
33. Hey Jay
35. Hula
38. Insomya
40. Kahit Ano
41. Kailan
42. Kaliwete
45. Kilala
46. Ligaya
48. Magasin
51. Maskara
54. Overdrive
55. Pare Ko
60. Prologue
64. Sa Wakas
65. Sabado
66. Salamin
69. Sembreak
70. Shadow
72. Shierly
73. Shirley
75. Slo Mo
76. Spolarium
80. Tama Ka
82. Tikman
90. Wating
93. Yoko