Kvohst (born Mathew Joseph McNerney in 1978) is a British singer and songwriter. He has lived in Norway and The Netherlands and now currently resides in Helsinki, Finland. He is the guitarist, singer and songwriter for the band Hexvessel and the lead singer of Grave Pleasures (formerly known as Beastmilk) and Gangrenator. He is the former lead vocalist of the Norwegian band Dødheimsgard and Code. He began singing in a SW-London based band called Vomitorium, releasing a demo in 1993 titled Haurium Oscula De Te. Later changing their name to The Tragedians, they released one demo cassette in 1995 entitled Krull. He went on to form the UK band Void (as Ionman) and they released the album Posthuman on Samoth from Emperor’s Nocturnal Art label in 2002. Co-founder of the band Code, they released one demo in 2003 titled Neurotransmissions and went on to sign to Spikefarm Records for their 2005 release Nouveau Gloaming. Joining Dødheimsgard from Norway in 2004, he wrote lyrics and performed vocals on the critically acclaimed album Supervillain Outcast released in 2007 by Moonfog Productions. This album gained full points in all three major National Norwegian Newspapers including Aftenposten. In 2009 Kvohst was nominated for a Norwegian grammy or Spellemannprisen with Code for their album Resplendent Grotesque. He has written lyrics for the Norwegian band Virus for their albums Black Flux and The Agent That Shapes The Desert. Kvohst runs a weekly club night in Helsinki called Club Mega Therion, booking bands and DJing. He has also worked as a freelance graphic designer and copywriter since 2000.