Honey Ryder


Occupation(s) : Shell diver

Honeychile Rider is a fictional character in Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel Dr. No. In the 1962 Bond film of the same name, her name was shortened and changed to Honey Ryder. In the film, she is played by Swiss actress Ursula Andress and due to her heavy accent was dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl.
In the film series, Ryder is widely regarded as the first Bond girl, although she is not the first woman in the film to be with Bond (that distinction belongs to Sylvia Trench, while Miss Taro was Bond’s first mission-related “conquest”). Her entrance in the film, emerging from the ocean in a white bikini with two large seashells, while the sun shines on her wet blonde hair, is considered a classic James Bond moment. As an homage, Halle Berry performed a similar scene in an orange bikini in the 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day. Andress referred to the Dr. No bikini as the “secret of her success”.
Ursula Andress was later mentioned by name in the novel On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and described as a “beautiful movie star”. As such, Andress is the first of only two entertainers that have actually starred in a Bond film to be mentioned by Fleming in his James Bond novels. The other is David Niven who co-starred as James Bond in the 1967 film adaptation of Casino Royale which also starred Andress.