Kevin Seconds


Born In : Sacramento California U S
Occupation(s) : Vocalist songwriter musician

Kevin Seconds (born Kevin Marvelli; March 24, 1961) is an American singer/songwriter/musician, born in Sacramento, California. As a teenager, he moved with his family to Reno, Nevada where he lived until 1988 when he relocated back to Sacramento and has been based ever since.It was while living in Reno, that he founded the highly influential hardcore punk band 7 Seconds in 1979 with his younger brother Steve Youth. Having been their frontman from the start, he also writes their lyrics. The band signed to the Better Youth Organization label in late 1983. BYO put out 7 Seconds’ first album, The Crew. Since its formation, 7 Seconds has released over fifteen records as well as touring North America, Europe, and Japan multiple times.
Simultaneously with his career with 7 Seconds, he has been engaged in several side band projects. These include Go National, Drop Acid, Mustard, 5’10”, Ghetto Moments, Kevin Seconds & The Altruistics, Positively Ventilate and his newest musical project, Unsteady Heights.
Besides his musical endeavors, Seconds is an artist and illustrator and makes his artwork available at his live shows and via his website. He also sporadically hosts an online radio show called Sound Salvation Radio with Kevin Seconds on Seconds usually doing broadcasts live from his van. It is primarily a music show with Seconds playing tunes from some of his favorite bands but it is also a vehicle for him to discuss politics, social issues, and the current state of the music scene.
Starting in 2001, Seconds and his wife Allyson owned and maintained True Love Coffeehouse in Sacramento but closed four years later after multiple problems with the landlord of the building. In 2006, Seconds reopened True Love in a new location, not far from the original location but closed it after two years, after having personal, economic, and philosophical differences with his silent business partners. The couple has no immediate plans to re-open the cafe.