Krista Branch


Born In : Mount Pleasant Texas United States
Occupation(s) : Vocalist

Krista Branch is an American singer whose 2010 song “I Am America” has been called the anthem of the Tea Party movement. Branch produced “I Am America” with her husband, who wrote the song, to protest the treatment of the Tea Party by Democrats. After being uploaded to YouTube, the song was aired on Glenn Beck’s radio show and it quickly grew in popularity. It was subsequently performed on Fox News and at events across the country. A former American Idol contestant, Branch was eliminated early in the process.
Branch was born in Mount Pleasant, Texas and later lived in Bixby, Oklahoma. She married Michael Branch in 2000, and together they have three children. Early in the marriage her family faced serious financial difficulties, and later, while they were living in Colorado, faced the near death of their youngest daughter.The Branches became supporters of 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain after performing at several events where he was a keynote speaker, and “I Am America” was made the official theme song of the campaign. Another song released by Branch, “Remember Who We Are”, was made the official campaign anthem of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign.
Branch’s music regularly expresses religious and political themes emphasizing American exceptionalism. Her music has been well received among conservative commentators and members of the Tea Party movement for its political message. The use of Branch’s music in the campaigns of Cain and Santorum has been seen as an indication of its appeal among outsider candidates. She has released nine singles and an EP, and is working on her debut album for release in 2013.