Kristet Utseende


The Kristet Utseende (loosely translated: The Christian Appearance) is a Swedish punk/metal-group with roots in parts around Gnarp between Sundsvall and Hudiksvall. The group themselves have said that their genre is “Narcotic Gay Metal”.
The Kristet Utseendes music is inspired by bands such as Misfits, Metallica and Thomas Di Leva. Those influences began to show when they left their demo period and received a recording contract by the Swedish record company Eggtapes & records. On the old demo recordings there were an undisted pop sound through and through. The lyrics deals with homosexuality, drug liberalism, christianity and mysticism. The band managed to complete several tours and to release three full-length records and an EP-record before they split up after a final farewell gig on the Hultsfred Festival in 1999.
In 2005 the band reunited and performed on the Hultsfred Festival as well as on Augustibuller (literally: August sound pollution), PiteĆ„ dansar och ler (literally: PiteĆ„ dances and smiles), Sundsvalls gatufest (literally: Sundsvall’s street party), Arvikafestivalen (literally: Arvika festival) and in Lund.
This time there were no longer gigs in exchange of beer and distilled beverage, instead they had a well thought out concept which they followed. This was because the band members had become more responsible individuals and that some of them had gotten their own family.
On May 25, 2006 The Kristet Utseende released their new album Sieg Hallelujah on the Black Lodge record company. The single Inferno Pervers landed in third place at the Swedish single charts.