Lost Boys Club


The Lost Boys Club is a Dutch pop-punk band from Hilversum, Netherlands. Vocalist and guitarist Nick Brummer searched for new band members after the end of pop-punk band Good Things in September 2012, and he found those members in Bart Eijk, Daan Brink and Bas Frishert. On December 2 the band announced that Daan Brink won’t be able to continue playing for The Lost Boys Club anymore. At December 10, The Lost Boys Club introduced their new drummer Danny Bekker, who was active as the drummer for the Dutch metalcore band Smash The Hourglass. The band is inspired by the melodies of bands such as Blink-182 and New Found Glory.On January 23d the band announced parting ways with Bart, who had to stop playing for The Lost Boys Club due to different priorities. They’re currently working on their sophomore album, while they’re searching for a replacement for Bart in the background.