Miroslav Ilic


Occupation(s) : singer

Miroslav Ilić (Serbian: Miroslav Ilić; born 10 December 1950, Mrčajevci, PR Serbia FPR Yugoslavia)) is a popular Serbian folk singer-songwriter. He is known for his powerful vocals and emotional lyrics. Before becoming a musician he took Electrical courses at a University of Skopje. Nicknamed Slavuj iz Mrčajevaca (The Nightingale from Mrčajevci), he has worked together with several popular Yugoslavian musicians such as Lepa Brena. In recent times, he has spoken out against the new generation of Serbian music videos, claiming that music videos are becoming more and more sexually suggestive and inappropriate for general audiences.




6. Amerika
12. Boem
21. Cuturica
27. Dajem Rec
35. Eto Mene
37. Gina
40. Gresnica
49. Ide Zivot
58. Jana
62. Jelena
79. Lidija
82. Ljutica
87. Milica
88. Milice
94. Ne Pitaj
112. Ova Noc
136. Reskiram
157. Sumadijo
161. Tacno Je
164. Tebi
178. Vino Tocim
182. Vragolan