OYAK (Ordu Yardımlaşma Kurumu) is the pension fund of the Turkish Armed Forces, with around 260,000 members in 2012. Its OYAK Holding investment subsidiary is one of the largest industrial groups in Turkey. It co-owns Oyak-Renault, a car manufacturer, and Erdemir, a steel producer, and is the former owner of Oyak Bank (sold to ING Bank in 2007) and the Oypa supermarket chain. In 2012 it was rated BB+/stable by Standard & Poor’s.OYAK provides its members with “supplementary retirement benefits” apart from the official retirement fund, T.C.Emekli Sandığı/SSK, to which they are primarily affiliated. In addition to the retirement benefit, OYAK pays “disability benefits” to the members on duty when they become partially or fully disabled as well as “death benefits” to the heirs of the deceased member if the death occurs during the member’s subscription to the Foundation.OYAK is incorporated as a private entity under its own law subject to Turkish civic and commercial codes. OYAK while fulfilling its legal duties, as set in the Law, also provides its members with social services such as loans, home loans and retirement income systems. The initial source of OYAK’s funds is a compulsory 10 percent levy on the base salary of Turkey’s serving armed forces officers.