Walking all alone, back in the park
Whispering shadows of old trees like skeletons in the
Hear them rustling in the autumn air
And the moon high above the clouds I guess she doesn’t

Oh, when the shadows are falling, the future’s moving
And the tide of fate is changing, the spotlights are
shining bright
Well that’s my life

Past the old playground, seems like it’s rotten down
Once I ranged here and all around
If the trees could talk I would talk to them about
But the memories are buried deep in the bark of the

And that’s all right (Life on the edges)
And that’s my life (Upon the stage)
And that’s all right (Ear-blowing wedges)
‘Cause that’s my life – that’s my life

Back in the past, all in a daze
The years went by and some dreams went too
And the days they seem so far away
I have a wife and kids at home and I think I know the

30 Summers are gone now, 30 pages written in my book
What if I could turn back time I think I wouldn’t
change things
If I could

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