All the way down, All the way Down
Let’s go all the way down

Seems like too much just ain’t enough
When your pool is on the line
Sharing stuff is a thing of the past
When you’ve read chapter nine
And nobody has to know
As long as you forgot
You sold out just in time
Someone’s future just vanished before their eyes

All the way down, All the way down
Yeah, they went all the way down

Took a sad, sad situation
And put a ribbon on your car
Shook an apple from the family tree
And blew the whole nation apart
And if the bombs along the road ain’t proof enough
That it’s all been a mistake
Well, someone still wants his face on the money we make

All the way down
All the way down
Let’s go all the way down

Find yourself something to do
Before we have to grow up
And see what the world’s coming to
I’m just trying to fit in anywhere that i can
So please, leave a space in the bag for me

Put a penny on the ocean floor, and a trillion in outer space
Swipe the card at where the atmosphere was
And pay back the whole human race
And if the weather’s got you heated up
And you’re waiting on a new ice age
Well, someone’s working on a way to get thinner
By eating all summer and sleeping all winter

all the way down…

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