Enter my dark room
Reign of solitude
Tomb of dying desires
Ruins of bygone lust
A prison wgere I am free
To dream another being

Enter my dark room
Gaze my fluid image
A yellowed portrait
Upon a posthesis
Inviolated heart
Mutilated arms
But hope after hope
Remind me I’m alive
Wake me if I fade
With a thread of light
Don’t watch my wounds
Nor touch my body
A blame the only cure
To keep the rest alive
I tie up the time
To these sweaty walls

Crystallize my memory
Of what once I was
The black marble floor
On which I creep
Is a mirror of clouds
Reflecting my wish
Why can’t nevermore
Fly with you at night
Why in my wood at dawn
No firefly survives
A snowflake in your hand
I’m a teardrop of ice
My blood dissolved
In your sea of lies

Read my secret book
Is written on my skin
But the destiny
Tore out my pages of dreams
I can’t remember how
Can’t understand why
It happens to me
Now that’s the way I live
Expecting to fly
On a time machine
And find again the light
But the destiny
Tore out my shining wings

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