He knows the grudge he harbors, and what it’s doing to
him. ‘Those waves of
whiskey will always crash down on you’. Searching for
guidance, he tripped over
every stone. ‘Do what you have to’. A soft woman’s voice
sounds from the
speakers. She tells him home’s just a minute away, home’s
just a minute away.
And he stares right at his home, dimmed lights, no one
awaits him.
Come at ease and let it rest, he hears himself scream.
‘Am I the only one, used
up pushed aside ‘. He’s not the easiest fellow ‘I can’t
sleep, I can’t sleep, I
can’t’. Away he goes with his eyes closed shut a heart
unfilled. ‘I might not
be a winner, but I’m sure as hell not a coward, I’m not
afraid to die’.

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