Now his last destation is the Sky,
let his face to touch the Greatest Star
when we couldn’t,let the Angels to try
let them to keep him so far,
but forever our hearts with him will fly.

The whole Earth now cry
because the Greatest Angel is gone
if he could just wake up,
but no he’s lost in time and he’s run
if he could just sing again his song
that life is the Game without frontiers,
there are no more Angels
just his soul to us will forever belong.

Just for him are these tears
please,God give him only good out there
his Balkan soul never will die,
he’s still here to beat all our fears
and to keep a shine in every single eye.

His Balkan soul is still alive
and the Blood is worm,
remain forever his great works
we remember of his eyes of almond,
and when him here’s no more.

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