Underneath contexes silence
Of the puppets of this world hides perverse nature of the mind
Underneath bleeding skies, promise of hating fellow being will be
Dogma of life.
Pray the bloody almighty behind the lie.

Here are the ones condamned to eternal night
Here are those who lost the right to be human
In the name of faith

Closed to night torn inside, erasing ancient beliefs
Slave to their morbidity chained up in nocturnal fears
Creature form rapture born and by reason killed

They take conscience of the emptiness they leave after their life
Underneath parfull lies,
The ghosts of a sleeping night are haunting the dreams of a deranged mind.

Spirit staring through the eyes of the beast
Whispers from trees resound in obscurity
Submitted animal fears being slave to the spiritual
And affraid creature can’t resist against the ritual
Run justifies the rage
Mind is a wide open cage
To propagand’s blast
Body disappears at last
In the name of faith

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