Twilight sharpened as I put my hood up and walked into town
All the streets were empty, like my stomach,
So I had to see what I could scrounge
Just like….
Every town before.

‘Knock Knock’ at every door, no answer
I snuck up to their windows for a peak
Inside each house I saw silhouettes against the blue lights of their television screens
And so I clibmed the hill where power stations overlooked the town
I found the generators, threw the switch, and shut the whole thing down
I turned to see hundreds of flickering blue lights die in the night
The darkness that followed was broken by a single candle light

So I descended into town
The candle light was multiplying now, and the silent streets were filling up with townspeople, laughing.
I asked a smiling woman if she had something we could eat
She thanked me for the great idea, and dashed to her home down the street
She soon returned, her arms full with a bounty of bread wine and cheese
Her neighbor winked and organzied a group, to bring tables and seats

And so we all sat down, and I raised a glass of wine
And declared a toast, to meeting these old friends for the first time
And someone played guitar
And kids banged pots and pans
And we all sang old songs
(The kind that no one can forget)
And then we all took turns
Telling our best tales
(The kind that start out true, but end up taller than 10 whales)
That’s when someone spoke up, and said “This here gathering
Is a neighborhood, the kind I always hoped this town would be!”

Right then the power came back on.
And then the man next to me checked his watch
And said “Thank god, my shows are on!”
And so they blew their candles out
And hurried back to be inside each house
Where glowing blue lights had come back to reclaim the night.

The smoke hung in the air, but everyone had gone
That was the best I’d get from this town, so I ventured on
Now with my belly full, I walked the empty streets
Between the rows of houses who’s blue lights lit up my feet
But much to my surprise, one house stood alone
It was completely dark
Save one candle in the window

I stopped and then I smiled, but I had no time to rest,
I knew that pretty soon, I’d be hungry again.

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