I need to turn off the lights
I don’t wanna see you
Go away of my thoughts
You broke my heart time and time again
Now you’re sleeping on my side of the bed

Lying on the road in a cold night I wonder why you hurted me so much
I gave you all the love you needed but you just gave me lies
And now I made my life easier.

(This time you’ll never run away)

Remember all those nights together
(all the things I felt for you, you never did it)
I though this love could last forever
I could give my life for you but you are bleeding
(My heart is full of thorns but you’re sleeping)

You’d understand me better (than you did it)
Let’s try to start our love together (like my way)
No more lies and rows and no more tears of bleeding words

(Like my way)

You spit my heart with blood
I saw your death so close

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