Cold is my pagan heart
Dark thoughts dance in my brain
My dilated pupils look with nostalgia
…All this earth could be…

Desecrated is my black heart
By the seed of darkness
Northern winds calling me
…All this earth could be…

Languid nights illuminated by the majecstic moon

The primary union between nature and us

Exiled feels my pagan soul
Depraved thoughts open my mind
My eyes are closed with the last sign of nostalgia
…All this earth could be…

Cold is the dark horizon
Autumn rains over ancient earth
Battalions of dark souls screaming:
“A new dawn will arrive!!!”

Looking for an answer
Banished places, endless time
Profane beliefs have guided my feelings
An infinite grows up in my veins

At last, clear I see:
The way to the real creation
Bloodtears fall from heaven
Paintears rise from hell’s …gate!!!!!!

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