Look at this place I think its falling apart
The motions and wardrobe took the place of the art form
And its starting to feel like there is no way out
I think we’ve lost sight of what this really means
Or am I still awake while you’ve all fallen asleep
I’m gonna tune out until you make a change

And then I’m born again

Let’s re-difine what we all feel
Cause its not a class room
Its a place I go to feel safe

Sometimes I feel like the skies coming down
I’m holding on to days that I used to feel something
But those days are gone, they’re never coming back
I see displays of confused aggression
I sing along to words that have lost all their meaning
There is movement on the dance floor but not in our hearts

And I’m born again

Now I’m taking back what I used to know
Cause there is nowhere left that I’ve got to go
I’m taking back what I used to know
Born again
Born Again!!!


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