So wha yuh really a deal wid
Uno tek woman fi fool
Mi no inna di mix up and
Blen blen wid dem
Yuh know wha Lady G afi tell dem
So no badda, so no badda (rept).

So no badda come ya wid yuh gali gali trend
Just ease off breeze off
Yuh no hear sey skettel bomb no dey a road again
Thru yuh get me now, yuh waan look mi friend
Just ease, off breeze off

Every likkle female whey yuh see inna mini skirt
Yuh waan fi feel, yuh waan fi touch,yuh waan fi flirt
Bout yuh have a crush
Dem yuhwaan fi brush
And now a mi yuh waan fi sleep wid inna rush

How yuh a move so mucki
Yuh waan wash off wid dettol
Move from ya before yuh whole piece a metal
If mi a git it whey
No badda feel yuh a get nutten
Go home to yuh wife Petal


Claim sey yuh nabel string cut dung a gal street
And how yuh solid like a rock
And yuh a concrete but bwoy yuh no fi dweet
Mi hear sey yuh a freak, and how yuh lick licky
An know yuh no know fi nyam meat
Every night yuh gone a show gone watch go-go
A lick yuh lip and lust off a chow chow
In case yuh never know
Mi a no yo-yo


Claims sey yuh a man
But yuh no man yuh a woman foot stool
So no badda come a mi
Yuh lickle pickney gwaan go mek yuh madda
Send yuh back a pre-school


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