Did you get it ? Did you get it ?
You’re just another fish in the sea, yeah
Did you get it ? Did you get it ?
You gotta get it right
And you get it jerked when you get it right
When you get it, you won’t forget it
When you get it, you won’t regret it
When you get it you’ll start to see
Your just the same as me

You call, you grow
You know, you blow
You fall, to the wall
You laugh

Now you know it’s good to be back here in the world
Don’t you know it’s great to be in love with a girl
again ?
Down here in the battlefield of time
Don’t get lost to reason or rhyme
Really ought to get it together again
Wouldn’t you like to fly ? Wouldn’t you like to know
why ?

You die, you try
To fly when you’re high
You’re low, you know
You grow to flow
To laugh in the path
But you fall
You get it after all

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