It’s gonna be tonight, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I can hear your singing, say you’ll stay beside me
Why must it be, you’ll always be into my dreams, hey hey

Mmm, oh-oh-oh, huggin’ and sqeezing, huggin’ and sqeezing
Why must it be you’re always creepin?
Into my dreams? my, my, my dreams

When I sleep at night, baby, I feel these moments of ecstasy
And when you sleep at night, baby
I wonder do I creep into your dreams
Or could it be I sleep alone in my fantasy

Oh, love is so amazing, guess you will be stayin?
So let it be, you’ll always be into my my sho? nuff dreams.

But nighttime is my right time dream
Yeah, yeah, my, my, my, my dreamin?
I can see you walking down the street
You don’t have to walk to creep into my sho? nuff dreams
Yeah, drea-ea-ea-eams, yeah

Oh, into my dreams, nithtime is the time
Yeah, my dreams, yeah into my dreams
My, my, my, my, ah-ha, into my dreams
Say it to me four times
Whoah-hey, whoah-hey
Whoah-hey, whoah-hey

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