When you need somebody to take away the emptine
I hope my heart is enough
When youre searching for someone who will unders
I hope its me you will trust

Love is a stranger to you anyway
I wanna mend your broken wings
Make your heart dance again
Make yiur heart breathe again
Till you believe again whoa
Make your heart dance again
Running free again
Through fields of green again whoa
Just give me half a change
To make your heart dance

It´s never too late
Don´t give it all up so easily
Just cos your hearts out of love
Don´t you stop dreaming
Don´t turn your back and walk away
And all is not lost

I Play you a song only words can sing
I wanna med you broken wings


Every morning that you wake up
And gaze into the sky
Your heart will dance just like a butterfly
And nothing else means more to me
And maybe someday you will see
Everything you ever dreamed you´d be

Chorus to end

———–[Copyrighted by Dorien]—————

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