The piece of future lost

And synthetic thoughts drive us? into a deconstructive theory
Fog covers a blurred horizon? uncontrollable hysteria
Diffused view through the storm… a future so obscure
This dark view of ourselves… Is eternity defeated?

Living in an ephemeral life full of emotions
Confined piece of future lost,
These emotions create the ability to live it,
Is just one more benefit of our intellect?
Pushing technology for our own torture

Probabilities of survival are almost none
On this depleted planet, all resources misused
Depopulation is now imminent

Brought to this world against our will
To the arid lands infected in faults
Bred, Born and raised as slaves
Loading the bitter yoke of this curse

A curse that has corrupted each mental state
Each weakness, each desire,
Each ability, will disappear
As a blow of lividity feeding our perversity

Our harmful and deconstructive lifestyle
That corrodes our primitive instincts

And the depths of our bowels reflecting our hate in the spoils of the dead ones,
As they drag their feet for the Earth consuming the putrid meat of our own abhorrence.

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