When youre lying in the bed ,between “Life” and “Deathe”
In your dream you see the past.The past of all ypur acts.
Suddenly you see a shadow.The shadow of a (dark) figure.
He will confuse your dreams.He kills you in you sleep.

Chorus: He takes your body
He takes your life
Throught the middle of the night.

He stayes beside of your bed, and he watches (out) your sleep.
But you can?t wake up ,you are hypnotized very deep.
He looks for your soul, to abduct throught the dakness.
To eternity.


The bringer of the death.He used a scythe,
To smashes your head , To manlge your brain ,your brain.
The bringer of the death.He rescued your soul.
Without torture ,your soul rises to the light ,to the light.

He grabs your eyes ,you can not see.
He cut up your tongue ,you can not speak.
You are lying helpless beside your life.
But you soul rises to the light.

At the end your blood fight against the figure ,the figure smashes your body.
But satan is stronger than you ,he?s the greatest might.
After this fight you will loose ,satan is immortal.
Satan ,satan ,satan never die.

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