Lately… I don’t know what to do
Keep driving to places that remind me of you
When I get there… still feel so alone
No matter what I do, nothing feels like home
Darlin’… got me so confused
Going round and round in circles, don’t know which road
to choose
Never been here, never like this before
No matter what I feel, no matter what I see
I still want you more

Oo-oo… Devils find a fool
Got no one to blame when my life’s so cruel
Oo-oo… Devils find a fool
I hope and pray you never pay your dues

Hey baby don’t think I’ll ever know what to do
See I’m losing my mind knowing I’m losing you
Been a dreamer, let my world fall apart
No matter what I did just couldn’t hold your heart
Let me tell ya, my life’s such a mess
I’ve been hoping and praying we’d be together again
I’ve been foolish, never listened to my heart
No matter if it’s right, no matter if it’s wrong
I still want you back


Every single moment, every hour, every second you are
on my mind
Don’t you see it doesn’t even matter if I never see the
sun in the skies

Hey baby… din’t see the writing on the wall
When you’re flying so high you never think you’re gonna
Guess I’l never know why, why this world can be so
Gotta hang on to your heart from the very very start or
the devils find a fool


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