Betrayed a moment more by progress that we make
My vision’s blurred by what the filters can’t display
Illusions of dimensions, illogical machines..
This punishment is all my senses speaking for me

Like a dreamworld you can’t wake up from
I can feel it, driven by desperation
Only you know what’s hidden beneath it all;
You destroy it, and can’t see what went wrong

Elusive inner sense, unknowing of existence,
So hindered by the times we know and these advances
We never could decide to make another choice
In fear we watch the ones who profit all rejoice

Like a dreamworld you can’t wake up from…

Somehow I live, somehow I try
The time we lost I can’t deny
Somehow I learn, in this I lose
And all I’d give if I could choose

(what does it all mean ?
it doesn’t mean anything)

Standing still once more, I try and disconnect
Can’t demonstrate the way it was, the way we knew it
I watch it break away beneath the fading sun
Accepting eyes desensitized yet I can’t bear it

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