Chronic Biological Dysfunction

Psyche, where your eyes can’t penetrate
Psyche, an unbearable burden
Psyche, echoes I can’t understand
Psyche, chronic biological dysfunction

Reactions of a life form strained by horror
Dwelling inside this immense universe
Blasting repercussions made of repetitions
Confined in silence, pain and laments

Psyche, combustion started from within
Psyche, cremation burning the skull
Psyche, separation into particles
Psyche, chronic biological dysfunction

Random reflections… illness inhabiting this being
Traveling deep into the subconscious
Descending into a chronic biological dysfunction

Disintegration is merely the start of a new state of existence
Chronic biological dysfunction
Where all deviation is purged, cleaned, purified
Chronic biological dysfunction

Inertial evolution unaware of space or time, constructing mind shapes
Conforming signals, never repeated… never the same
Chronic biological dysfunction.

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