Alone on a bench of the playground
I’m watching their little games
No one to look at my misery
But the ones who like to jeer

Did you know I was weak
When you stabbed me in the back?
Did you know that I was in pain?
Did you know I could fall
From the edge of these depths
That I was disturbed?
No no no no!

You can’t ignore the threat
Whispering in your head
It will burn your kindness
To drown you into madness
Will you blame it on me?
The things that should not be
They’re not here cos’ of me
You’re the one who screwed up

Your teases like a little pretty spark
That bursts into fire…
Did you know that your words
Woke something up in me?
Did you know I could be insane?
Did you know that I would
Lose my mind and revenge
Standing on the edge of insanity!

Feel the anger growing inside
It destroys my sanity
See all the strength it’s giving me
To forget all the rules

Tonight I feel like I’m on edge
On the edge of dementia!

So ladies & gentlemen
Welcome to the theater of fools.
Time to hear the lament of a psycho
Hear the story of a fragile heart
Who was just like you but
Too sensitive, too frail
For this world of yours.
It could have been your face
In the paper this morning…

Here I am
Standing in front of you
Begging for mercy!
Look what you’ve done to me
And remember
We’re all on the edge of insanity!

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