I can feel it now, â?¨
There’s a fire growing within my very chest, â?¨
Slowly it begins to spread and inside I know, â?¨
That this is all that I will feel, â?¨
This is all that I can see, â?¨
There is a darkness inside of me.
For where there torment there is hate, â?¨
Where there is love there is also pain, â?¨
I have been clawing at these walls to try and make an escape,
Am I insane or the only one who truly sees, â?¨
What has now come to pass, â?¨
And what is still to be?
For years these visions and images have been in my nightmares,
â?¨But now I see them as a guide as I remain, â?¨
My pulse is quickening, â?¨
As I see my entire life flickering, â?¨
Hold my heart in your hands and feel it beat, â?¨
As my body convulses and my world begins to shake.
I won’t call these white walls a home anymore, â?¨
I’ll rip the ceiling from the rafters,
â?¨I’ll burn this prison down,
The visions are flooding in, â?¨
Now they are all that I see, â?¨
You can’t tell me different, â?¨
There is nothing you can do, â?¨
To save me now,
There is a cancer, â?¨
That is consuming, â?¨
My entire body,
And should my visions start to shake, â?¨
Will I remain, â?¨
All I was born to be,
You can’t,
Save me,
I am barely alive,
It seems my body harbours the darkness within me,
I’ve let it fester and grow,
I have given fear all control.

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