Why are you hiding from the real world
What made you stay away in fear and trembling
Are you looking for something?
In the dark with heavy breathing
My heart had have a goal
Where have it gone
All alone

When I can get it once again
I’ll get there where is only short step from here
No one can start withotu belief
It’s in your hands
Don’t throw it away

Eternal scream is rising
From deep within your heart lying
Let me hear it forever
This time I can help enough

I can’t control my anger
From when you became you weaker
I know what you do is
Break the wall and accept all

It seems like flowing in the sea
It’s so dark
You are blind but so freely
Even if there’s easy to live
Let’s go out
Breath the scent of out side

Towards the top f that light
Get your body up with fight
Then you will get true power
And it will never die

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