They say everywhere
It s too late to care
About our old sick world
(You can t stop the course)
They tried every time
To prevent the crime
Of lese-majesty
(It was not enough )
To mother Gaia
But no Messiah
Came to change the course
(No one came to save us)
In two thousand twelve
They say the death knell
Will ring out on earth.

Shall we cease the fight?
And forget the light
On our sweet cold skins?
(Don t give up on us!)
Shall we stop hoping
For better ending
And wait for our loss?

You kept desecrating
Our holy legacy
You didn t give a damn
You provoke our fury
We re out of control

Will you deprive our child from the song
Of the wind in the evergreen that you loved once
Chink in the leaves when the rain came to fall
We ll make it evergreen in our recall.

What will remain of our guiltiness?
Now we must realize the treasure in our hands

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