i know it’s so hard for you
i fear there is nothing i can do
proceeding this far with you
i’ve spoken you nothing but the truth
we dream on these lonely nights
and how on this planet we’ll survive
to only escape from this
i wanna escape into your eyes

your breathing so silent now
and all of your light is masked in shrouds
of hopelessness and defeat
the absense of mystic gifts renown
i know it’s so difficult
the mind and the soul can’t come to terms
with tranquil and open thoughts
and all the despondency we’ve learned

don’t tell me you’re nothing, don’t tell me you’re gone
just tell me you’re something, just tell me i’m wrong
with millions of people and millions of stars
you’ve opened my mind and broken my heart

say it’s true and i don’t mind that all the angels fall tonight
say it’s real, i won’t despair, but there were days when i once cared

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