After the cataclism life as we know arose from a fortuitous turn
At some point something happened yet unable to describe it
Symbolical and complex bizarre events took place millions of years ago
Combination of facts
That resulted
Onto an explosion
Of life
Embryos breeding fast as the darkest epidemic
Instincts domination
Race for survival
Need to last
Of presence through
Of competence
The wiser stands
Beings with intrincated structures
Soon needed to overcome
We represent a ruined specie
Soon to be deleted
Neuronal cells grow on the brain making inteligence to appear
Demonstrating every aspect
The pollution of our evolution
Envy and greed
Need to rule
Over similars
It is known
That uncontrolled
Free will ends
On self destruction
Action – reaction – convolute – evolved state
The previous descriptions take place everywhere
The history shows it to us
Action-reaction-convolute state

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