Intro:kini-un eya
eya judah
kini-un eya judah
eya judah

my hiding place,no one fit me except na you fit the one oh
my hiding place where i run to each time i’m scared,you protect
my hiding place,it show for face how much you care and love me lord

my hiding place,my resting place,my secret,no one but you

lion of judah,when you roar evil run
lion of judah,so much power dey your hand
lion of judah,when you roar demon run when you roar devil bow
when you roar satan tremble at your feet

my hiding place,so many years even till now,you no dey change
my hiding place,check out your name,it fit you well,na you biko.
My hiding place,no other place feels so secure but in your arms
my hiding place


yes to the forest,when the mighty roar see the trees unveils when the mighty roar he moves with so much power and strength and his advance

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