Once upon a time I thought, I really thought us to be
Lots of dirty water, a load of muddy water
Went down the river since then
You’ve been busy laying traps to break some legs
It’s your own grave you made
To forgive is devine, but I never thought of me as a
So you have been handed your hat

You always see the fight, you’re falling apart
You always see the fight, believe it or not
I wish you luck and all the best on your way

Your way or the highway
What kind of choice is that? – No choice at all
With all this anger and blame creeping around
Well, what goes around comes around
Is it time for a brandnew start? Does it matter what I
Changes had to come, You taught me to be tough
I learned better than I wanted
My life must go on, no happy hour for happy ends
No happily ever after

You said if you were the problem, You would leave
It’s good you’re gone now that you’re gone for good
It’s good you’re gone
I hoped you’d take all troubles with you
But you left some penKnives in my spine
Delays are possible – with delay came the brutal truth
Some troubles have always been mine

Do you always see the fight? – Is it always
Are you still falling apart? – Is it time for a
brandnew start?
I don’t always want to fight – Does it matter what I
Believe it or not I wish us luck on our seperate ways

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