I awaken,
I have seen this hell before,
With my eyes glaring red,
Forever unaware the choices I have fled,
And still I wonder,
What if, these walls were just part of this disfigured dream,
I have mistaken for reality,

If I should wake,
Would I want to live free again,
Knowing full well,
That this world will consume me again,

Slowly you’re turning in a pirouette
When you fall,
You will fall forever,
And for what feels like an eternity,
You will feel no pain,

This all was by your choosing,
Whether you realise or not you are the culprit,
And you have no one else left to blame,
For this world of mist, you have renounced your claim,
To the right to think for yourself,
And you have given in to your subconscious thoughts.

Just take a moment,
To see that we’ve been living in,
A dream,
Is it so hard to believe,

Is this, your world now,
A habitat, you built from the clouds,
It seems you have fabricated your surroundings,

We are all,
So lost,
But I won’t let,
My dreams succumb to my fears,
I will be,
Fucking unstoppable,
If you were me,
Then I’d be you,
And I would use your body to get to the top of the world,

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