We live in a world where we must lie to understand the truth /
Though we hold the key to unlock this door, why do we refuse (to)? /
For me it?s plain to see we live in a world where every rose will hurt us
with its thorn /
And cos all we love just cannot stay we?re condemned to mourn /
will beauty find its way /
And all I want to listen to an see, es this fantastic world this plastic world
on TV? /
Vos all I want to do is run and flee from your atrocities this insanity that
you call real /
we live in a world where there is hate to understand what?s love /
Though we always try to appreciate, we kneel and curse or fate /
Don?t see it?s not too late /
Cos all that?s on is what we miss, it?s hope and love and tender kisses /
All our lives have run to seed turn it on here?s what you need though not
true /
Are you trapped, cought in a web you can ask the internet what to do /
Everytime you?re feeling blue here?s another fantasy just for you /
? from this fantasic world?

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