Cold as night in the heart of the hunter
Sign up for my kingdom dark
Black as the deep the devil is growing
Hellspawn in the soul of man

Now they will attack you again in this turning wheel of crime
And your pain is screaming
You will burn till the end of your days
You’re caught in the middle
Lost in the ridde
Playing the fiddle of time

Spinning your web away from the sun
You move in the shadows like a sliding spider
Changing is the road for a different future
Evil times will pass you by

Life will attack you with fire and burn your dreaming mind
And your heart is bleeding
Holding on till your breath fades away
You’re caught in the middle
Lost in the riddle
Playing the fiddle time

You can be fire burning it higher

There’s a mirror in the sky reflecting ages
Evil sins will haunt us down
Life will attack you and cut you inside your inner sky
And leave you dying soon
And the game goes on forever
After the scandal they put out your candle
So you can not tower anymore
No one can tell if heaven is hell
We’re rocking the music of time
Wearing the masks as you take on the task
Playing the fiddle of treason

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