Schock, got the schock of my life
Just buckkle up girls, i`m steeling the night
Faa down steel the night

w.. let see in golden light
steel the night

I gotta get…….
i Gorta get this right
i Gotta get this right

cause shes bold………
She`s bold, bold enough
to set fire to your plain
fire to your plain

Prey you can pray to……..
I put out the call not to be not to be saved …….
Got my develin kin…….
with her you’re low as …..
we gotta get this right
i gotta get this right
watching him, watching her play this game

and she bold, bold enough to set fire to his plain
she said get in …….who would it be, a pergurded to me

watching the watching
fire to his plain

i gotta this right,i gotta this right
cause she`s old and im not
yes she is bold, bold enough
watching her, watching hem,

fire to your plain
to serve fire (bold enough) to your plain

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