Love is a drug and I feel like getting high
One last fix with a kiss is worth risking suicide
‘Cause I’m livin’ for the mo, I’m livin’ for tonight
I clean forgot she left me paralyzed
When I’m touching her hand, it’s a blast from the past
See the strange deja vu, yeah I know it won’t last
She turns me on I can’t just go on a fast
Keepin’ my mind off her is one mighty task

Oh(oh) I’m in trouble(I’m in trouble)
Feels like I’m loosin’ my mind again(loosing my mind)
Now I’m right back where I started(where I started)
I’ve gotta mend this broken heart of mine all over again
I’ve been foolish(foolish),foolish(
Foolish with my hands held high(hands held high)
Girl I’ve wound up where I started
I’m pleading guilty to a crime that my heart just can’t deny

Time is healer how easy we forget
All the misery and pain that a person can inflict
Seems I suffer from a case of selective memory
I clean forget how she walked over me
No, no, no – can’t help myself in the end I’m just a man
With my sentimental needs for your tender lovin’ hands
I’m lying when I say there’s no strings attached
When I look at her I swear my mind goes blank


For one touch, for one kiss
What do I stand to lose
Baby loosin’ my mind is better then losin’ you
Somebody tell me why do I gotta choose
I’m all excited but keep gettin’ the blues


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