All the things that could have been; I retreat
I severed all my ties, would I bring them back to this?

Everyone just fades away
and I’ll never be afraid

What can I say to you?
will we fall down, will we pull through?
Tell you how far I’ve come
And of all I’ve done since you turned away

Silent in all that’s come to pass, I diverge
To pretend it’s all the same, to be that one again
and as I have been replaced
I could never find a way

There’s nothing I’d say to you
that could change this, that would make this
Something that cannot be
For this memory is all that’s left

above and beyond
Wishing that rain would fall again
Playing the part you can’t sustain

If you wanted to see, if you wanted to feel
If you wanted to try, if you wanted to heal
You might open your mind,
but you can’t close your mouth anytime…

I think you should know
You’ll end up alone
I’m hearing you less every day
Someone should take
Your thoughts all away
For all you would do to stay

Sealing the fate which holds your name
Can’t comprehend, can’t take the blame

Now it all crashes down, so you’re thinking aloud
Of the world that’s absurd and of all you deserve
Let me leave you to this,
and the truth you dismiss once again…

I think that you know
You’ll end up alone
And suffer through all that you face
As chances dissolve
And solace evolves
In this you will find your place

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