The secret organisation hidden deep underground,
fabricating sinister aural weapons of psychotropic
to tear the mind into the depths of obfuscation.
The test reveals the subject
scream and cycle nonsense.
Brain leaking from the ears
in an attempt to escape.
But the attempt proves useless
as the effect grows stronger.
Finally war is upon us.
Excited about the terror.
We prayed for the day
to at long last
employ symphonic slaughter.
Bringer of confusion.
The grinding assault validated our theory.
Liquefied grey matter colours the charred ground.
Scattered ramblings of the weak etched into the soil.
Served only to further force the survivors
into the dark spiral.
We will honour the day that the legend hendecimate
was unleashed upon those who dared question our
rhythmic integrity.
The hendecahedral memorial will be constructed in the
to stand in threatening power for eternity.
The plaque will read: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! />Further upgrades to the legend will be continually
to remain as the dominant force in psychotropic
You will never predict the
torturous cranial journey.

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