Friends I know darn well
That I’m headed straight for hell
If I keep on livin’ the crazy way I do
But I really have to say
I have come a long, long way
For a hillbilly girl with the blues

If you think my songs too rough
Please recall the road’s been tough
Do not judge me, Darlin’ till you’ve worn my shoes
I have never tried to hide
How I really feel inside
I’m just a hillbilly girl with the blues

(Instrumental Break)

Someday soon I’ll settle down
In some quiet little town
And I won’t look back till I leave these blues behind
I’m gonna play my old guitar
Praise the Lord and pass the jar
I’m gonna seek myself a little peace of mind

Don’t ya know these city lights
Can really blind a country girl
People often think she’s too green to refuse
But there’s nothin’ worse than neon
When the mornin’ sun shines through
To a hillbilly girl, to a hillbilly girl
To a hillbilly girl with the blues
With the blues

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