I tried to be curt
Tried not to be callous
I tried to be casual
Like nothing was wrong

But nothing was right
So nothing was left
But for me to move along
So I moved on
I mean, I was moved
Then it was gone

So here’s the remains:
Two confused lovers
Too terrified
To trust one another
The knot will not be tied

Once a house is found
Can’t you throw
Why can’t you throw that money down?
Why can’t you put your money
Where you put your mouth?

We tried to stay poised
We tried to be patient
We tried to stay professional
As your dream house blew down

We love it so much
But it’s just, it’s just not right for us
It’s not right for us, no, no
It’s never right for us, no, no
It’s just not right for us
So on to the next home


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