MASTER P (f/ LiL Romeo)

I Need Dubs

[Intro: Master P]

When I`m alone my car…
I`m thinking about Miss Lorenzo…
My girl amy…
and my girl Ashanti……

[Chorus: Master P 2x]I need dubs when I ride to the club
Cruisin with my girl,even rollin with
I need dubs 22`s, 24`s shinin in the
I`m the king of the car shows…

[Verse 1: Master P]I see it I buy it, u need it I got it, I could
transform a car til` a hally berry body man
Regular wheels I banned um, don`t stand um
I`m the first one to put sprewells on a phantom
Girls see me and scream!!!
I`m repin Orleans
I got toys baby flex aint never seen
Xzibit in the game but he can`t pimp
my ride,
I got everything flip from the in to the outside
Them lambo doors 50` talkin bout
I had um on a cutless befo` I brought me house
I put ice on my grill just to hurt them haters
27’s diped in crome for the escalator
Put candy on the body so it glow in the dark
Put light on my rims for at night when they walk
Can`t roll like no scrub, man on no hubs
Ghetto bill up in here…
Y`all know whats up!

[Chorus 2x] [Verse 2: Master P]From the streets to the pin
You know the soldiers gon` win
When they see me on t.v. they say
he did it again,!
From his shoes to his clothes
hes ballin outta of contol,
From the bentley to the beamer to the
hummer with 6 doors…
But wody dont stunt, make them 6
fours jump,
Like reebox pumps,
P miller amps in the truck louis vettan
Ferrari, 360 is so clean…..
Ashanti rims, that really bing bing
And girls trip when they get in the ride
I got C-L 5, steering wheel on the other
And I`m gangsta man, whatcha thinkin man?….
Shawty wanna roll cause I`m on them Twinkies man

[Chorus 2x] [Verse 3: LiL Romeo]Now I`m know I`m kinda young but I keep my dubs clean…
Nick name my rims deime (d-e-i-m-e) cause they older then me
At the age of 15 man, doin big thinkgs man,
Don`t hate dog! (why) cause you aint me man
Some say I`m ballin cause my crome stay crawlin
Took the phantom for a ride, now they stay I`m night crawlin
Never get hungry cause I keep them deep dish`es
The people you saw, then they take pictures
My hummer sit clean on the shaq`s minus 8
White, gold and purple, just like them old days (man…)
Now its kinda crazy cause Mercedes getting jeolous (what?)
Range won`t asanti`s but they can`t have it
All for less its my baby, my boo, if I ever need help!
I just scream whoodi whoo!,
P miller speakers match my p.miller sneakers
The ones on my feet and the ones on my beamer!

[Chorus 2x]

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