I think sometimes I can read your mind
When you make things up I can tell you lie
I see the things that your man can?t see
And I wonder what kind of man is he
The one who you say is your lover
Who you insist takes care of you under the covers
And who is there for you and loves you like no other
Then you kiss and tell me that you love me like a brother
[CHORUS]If I didn?t know better
I?d think that you were mine, you?re with me all the time
If I didn?t know better
I?d swear we?re more than friends, you?re touching me again
If I didn?t know better
I?d think we were in love
Girl, do you wanna tell me something
Oh, oh, oh
I could be wrong about the things you say
But I don?t rub up on my friends that way
You tell me that you?ve always been a flirt
But if it goes wrong, I could get hurt
But no, you insist it?s harmless playin?
It?s just a part of who you are, that it?s just your nature
And that it?s fine
You know I?m a friend, it?s really nothing
You say that I?m just like a?
That I?m just like a brother
[CHORUS]My idea of a friend is when you
Do a lotta things together and have a lotta fun
But my definition of love is different
You touch and hold each other
And you only want to be alone clinging to each other
Like you and he should be, but like you and I are
Well, I know it sounds crazy but?

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