Deviant mind on the prowl late at night
Need some love
backseat ride,lose your pride
Lose your mind, no control, takes its toll
Remorseful soul, life of hell, cannot tell

Fight for your life, wait for death
Time is short, infected
Shell of a man, your weekend state
Now it’s too late, lifeless
Never woulda thought it would end this way
I’m losing faith, infected
The fight is done, disease has won
Your existence fades

Unemployed, going broke, you’re life’s a joke
Wasted day, wait for night, losers plight
Back for more, next score, lowlifes whore
Empty mind, satisfied life is good

Feeling strange, not quite right, don’t know why
Feeling sick, thinking twice, regret your life
Days of hell, no way out, as you scream and shout
In your bed, full of dread and you’re better off dead

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