I think we think too much /
I think we should not clutch at straws again /
We fear to lose control / Nothing but jointed dolls, so sweet and droll /
It doesn?t matter what we do or pray, we?re not allowed to choose it?s
the only way /
To the light of day when we pass away no one sees beyond (the veil) /
It?s time to face the truth /
And to expose the ruse we used to use /
Cos nature takes it course /
We hear the lion roars, the vulture soars /
Into the light ?Hello Goodbey? when we are born and when we die, all
alone and there?s no guide /
Into the light the young and old, the shy and the fearsome, the brave and
old /
And return right to the fold /
Into the light from darkest night from the womb right to the tomb /
Time will show to and fro as we come we will go /
From the cradle to the grave only love is what we crave.

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