Fragmented Non-existence

Everything is gone… Turned into dust

Pulse still beats deep inside
Accept the chaos embracing a new life
Humanity commits another fault
One chapter closes, another begins
Our Misery is consequence of disregard

Instinct ? of survival is strong… None to trust (all is gone)
Fragmented – Distorting the horizon… None to trust (all is gone)
Non-existence – is the reality that mankind tastes… None to trust (all is gone)

We’ve become synthesized? Scope of reality decays
This is a disease x3

Caused by the fact that our reason is wrong
From the brain confusion shivers downs the spine,
Feeling paralyzed by irrationality, now we’re dead… we won’t resurrect

The scars of our irrationality
Are proofs of a deformed reality?
Slaying the masses unmercifully?
Consuming with pleasure their spoils.


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